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Example working service for adding meta tags to <head/> for angular2-universal. Based on
import {Injectable,Inject,ElementRef, Renderer} from '@angular/core';
//import { DOCUMENT } from '@angular/platform/common_dom';
import {DOCUMENT} from '@angular/platform-browser';
export class SeoService {
private _r: Renderer;
private _el: ElementRef;
private _document: any;
* Angular 2 Title Service
//private titleService: Title;
* <head> Element of the HTML document
private headElement: any;//HTMLElement;
<meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" />
private ogTitle: HTMLElement;
<meta property="og:type" content="article" />
private ogType: HTMLElement;
<meta property="og:url" content="" />
private ogUrl: HTMLElement;
<meta property="og:image" content="" />
private ogImage: HTMLElement;
<meta property="og:description" content="Description Here" />
private ogDescription: HTMLElement;
* Inject the Angular 2 Title Service
* @param titleService
constructor(@Inject(DOCUMENT) private document, element: ElementRef, renderer: Renderer) {
this._el = element;
this._r = renderer;
this._document = document;
this.headElement = this._document.head;
this.ogTitle = this.getOrCreateMetaElement('og:title','property');
this.ogType = this.getOrCreateMetaElement('og:type','property');
this.ogUrl = this.getOrCreateMetaElement('og:url','property');
this.ogImage = this.getOrCreateMetaElement('og:image','property');
this.ogDescription = this.getOrCreateMetaElement('og:description','property');
public setTitle(siteTitle = '',pageTitle ='',separator = ' / '){
let title = siteTitle;
if(pageTitle != '') title += separator + pageTitle;
this._document.title = title;
* Open graph
public setOgTitle(value: string) {
public setOgType(value: string) {
public setOgUrl(value: string) {
public setOgImage(value: string) {
public setOgDescription(value: string) {
* get the HTML Element when it is in the markup, or create it.
* @param name
* @returns {HTMLElement}
private getOrCreateMetaElement(name: string,attr: string): HTMLElement {
let el: HTMLElement;
var prop = ((attr != null)? attr : 'name');
el = this._r.createElement(this.headElement,'meta',null);
return el;
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jkufrin commented Jul 13, 2016

Great service. I modified this and it works well with Angular Universal. I did catch one minor bug that was crashing prerender on a hard reload.

I had to update line 60:
this._document.title = title;
this._document.head.title = title;

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threesquared commented Jul 15, 2016

I get an the following error using this with angular universal

Error: Uncaught (in promise): No provider for ElementRef! (SeoService -> ElementRef)

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maxiar commented Aug 29, 2016

HI! Excelent works, but I'm a benninger in Angular 2, Did you have an example with this SEO Services and Angular universal fully working.. Can you share it?

Thanks in advanced!!!

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DBuit commented Feb 1, 2017

@threesquared did you fix the error "No provider for ElementRef!" im having the same problem atm

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vishal41190 commented May 16, 2017

@threesquared & @DBuit Did you fixed the issue with No provider for ElementRef! ?

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Skillnter commented Jun 15, 2017

This is just creating tags but not getting/fetching tags if the tag is already present to update...

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bmxmaga commented Oct 24, 2017

@threesquared @DBuit @vishal41190 ElementRef is not relevant in scope of an Angular service. It would work only in a component.
You can just remove it from the constructor, as it's not even used at all.

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ishan123456789 commented Jul 1, 2018

Is'nt setDescription required as well?
I get this error as well I've added this service in my app.module providers list

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