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Tornado demo application: TCP server to tic-tac-toe multiplayer game
"""Simple TCP server for playing Tic-Tac-Toe game.
Use Player-to-Player game mode based on naming auth.
No thoughts about distribution or pub/sub mode
(for monitoring or something like this). Just
basic functionality.
import time
import logging
import signal
import socket
from tornado import stack_context
from tornado.options import options, parse_command_line, define
from tornado.netutil import TCPServer
from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop
from tornado.util import b, bytes_type
class Game(object):
"""Single game representation"""
class Winner(Exception):
"""Control exception for working with game end"""
def __init__(self, name): = name
super(Game.Winner, self).__init__('Winner!')
class Draw(Exception):
"""Control exception for working with game end"""
def __init__(self):
super(Game.Draw, self).__init__('Draw!')
# Current state of map
map = None
# List of possible steps of user
allowed_steps = dict([
('X', 1),
('O', -1)
def __init__(self, *players, **params):
self.players = dict(zip(self.allowed_steps.keys(), players))
self.params = params
logging.debug('Create game with params: %s', params)
self.first = 'X'
def step(self, sign, pos):
# Check allowed sign
val = self.allowed_steps[sign]
except KeyError:
raise ValueError('Unknown step sign is given')
# Check map position
# We should make step with using 1-based numeration (not zero-based)
if[pos[0]-1][pos[1]-1] != Game.UNUSED_CELL:
raise ValueError('Position is already in use')
except IndexError:
raise ValueError('Illegal position for step')
# Make step[pos[0]-1][pos[1]-1] = val
# Recalculate game state:
# Check if some player is winner on no other step is possible
limit = self.params.get('win_limit', 3)
for i, row in enumerate(
if abs(sum(row)) == limit:
raise Game.Winner(self.players[sign].name)
if abs(sum([r[i] for r in])) == limit:
raise Game.Winner(self.players[sign].name)
# Check all possible diagonals
up = len( + 1 - limit
for s in range(up):
if any([
(abs(sum([[i+s][i+s] for i in range(limit)])) == limit),
(abs(sum([[len( - (i+1+s)][i+s] for i in range(limit)])) == limit)
raise Game.Winner(self.players[sign].name)
if sum([sum(map(abs, r)) for r in]) == len(**2:
raise Game.Draw()
def render(self):
"""Return string of current state map representation"""
signs = dict([(v,s) for s,v in self.allowed_steps.items()])
return '\n'.join(map(
lambda r: ' '.join(map(lambda s: signs.get(s, '.'), r)),
def _generate_map(self):
assert is None, "You couldn't regenerate map"
size = self.params.get('map_size', 3) = [[Game.UNUSED_CELL]*size for i in range(size)]
logging.debug('Generated map: %s',
class GameSessionMixin(object):
"""Handler of two-players interacion within game"""
waiter = None
def join(self):
"""Logic of joining to game session"""
# Check if there is at least one open game
# Connect to game if exist
if GameSessionMixin.waiter is not None:
enemy = GameSessionMixin.waiter, self)
GameSessionMixin.waiter = None
# Create new one and wait for new connections
GameSessionMixin.waiter = self
self.notify('Waiting for incoming player...')
def run(*players):
"""Create game object and choose first runner"""
game = Game(*players,
map_size=options.map_size, win_limit=options.win_limit)
message = 'Game is starting. First step by %s.' % game.players[game.first]
for sign, p in game.players.iteritems(): = game
p.sign = sign
if sign == game.first:
action = p.make_step
action = p.wait_step
p.notify(message, callback=action)
def notify(self, note, callback=None):
"""Send game notifications"""'%s, %s\n' % (, note), callback=callback)
def make_step(self):
self.notify('make your step:', callback=self._on_make_step)
def _on_make_step(self):
"""Called when make step notification is send""""\n"), callback=self._on_step)
def _on_step(self, line):
"""Receive step from user"""
step = map(int, line.strip().split())
try:, step)
except ValueError, e:
# Cycle for receiving normal step from user
self.notify(str(e), callback=self.make_step)
except Game.Winner, e:
'%s is WINNER!' %,
except Game.Draw:
'DRAW in game!',
battle = + '\n'
for sign, p in,
callback=(p.wait_step if sign == self.sign else p.make_step))
def wait_step(self):
"""Just wait for step from other player.
Of course, we can notify user about this, but it will
complicate whole process, cause we will have problems
with handling async write operation.
def close(self):
"""Close players' stream"""'Game over\n',
def broadcast(sub, notification, callback_method):
"""Send notification to each player in ``sub`` list"""
for s in sub:
class AuthMixin(object):
"""Batch of function for checking auth and registering users"""
# List of connected players
# TODO: Add periodic callback for checking player timeout
players = set()
def register(self, on_register=None):
"""Register player with using text name"""
if on_register:
self._register_callback = stack_context.wrap(on_register)
self._register_callback = None'Enter your name: ', callback=self._on_greeting)
def _on_greeting(self):
logging.debug('On greetings call')"\n"), self._on_name)
def _on_name(self, line):
"""Ask user about name and save it in list of users"""
logging.debug('On name call with: %s', line)
name = line.strip()
if name not in self.__class__.players: = name
if self._register_callback:
message = 'Name %s is already in used. Choose another one:' % name, callback=self._on_greeting)
def unregister(self):
"""Remove player from list of players"""
except KeyError:
logging.warning('Try to remove illegal or undefined user')
class PlayerConnection(GameSessionMixin, AuthMixin):
"""Player logic handler"""
# Player's name. Should be setted for auth.
name = None
def __init__(self, stream, address, server):
"""Initialize base params and call stream reader for next line""" = stream
if not in (socket.AF_INET, socket.AF_INET6):
# Unix (or other) socket; fake the remote address
address = ('', 0)
self.address = address
self.server = server
# Will block current stream flow until user's name is set
def play(self):
"""Main logic function"""
def _on_read(self, line):
"""Called when new line received from connection"""
# Some game logic (or magic)
def wait(self):
"""Read from stream until the next signed end of line""""\n"), self._on_read)
def _on_disconnect(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Called on client disconnected"""'Client disconnected %r', self.address)
# TODO: Should also check current game state and/or waiters status
def __str__(self):
"""Build string representation, will be used for working with
server identity (not only name) in future"""
return str(
class TTTServer(TCPServer):
"""TCP server for handling incoming connections from players"""
def handle_stream(self, stream, address):
"""Called when new IOStream object is ready for usage"""'Incoming connection from %r', address)
PlayerConnection(stream, address, server=self)
def sig_handler(sig, frame):
"""Catch signal and init callback.
More information about signal processing for graceful stoping
Tornado server you can find here:
logging.warning('Caught signal: %s', sig)
def shutdown():
"""Stop server and add callback to stop i/o loop"""
io_loop = IOLoop.instance()'Stopping Tic-Tac-Toe tcp server')
io_loop.ttt.stop()'Will shutdown in 2 seconds ...')
io_loop.add_timeout(time.time() + 2, io_loop.stop)
def main():
"""Main processing function"""
io_loop = IOLoop.instance()
# Create instance of Tic-Tac-Toe TCP server and save
# it as attribute of IOLoop instance. Of course, this
# is not the best way to spread ttt instance among
# several functions, but it's enough for demo app.
io_loop.ttt = TTTServer()
# Init signals handler for TERM and INT signals
# (and so KeyboardInterrupt)
signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, sig_handler)
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, sig_handler)'Starting TTT server on %d port', options.port)
define('debug', default=True, type=bool)
define('port', help='Port to listen to', default=8046, type=int)
define('map_size', help='Game map size', default=3, type=int)
define('win_limit', help='Signs to win', default=3, type=int)
if __name__ == '__main__':

val = self.__class__.allowed_steps[sign]
Using exceptions as flow control (Game.Draw, Game.Winner) -- bad. Never ever do that, future you will hate current you.
On line 59 you're using magic number 0, this is fragile.


kachayev commented Nov 28, 2011

Fixed using magic number.
Don't see any problem with using exceptions as flow control inside system based on 300 lines of code.

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