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Resolve "Sleeping barber problem" with Clojure
(def open-for-business? (atom true))
(def haircut-count (agent 0))
(def waiting-room (ref []))
(def waiting-room-size 3)
(defn open-shop [duration]
(do (Thread/sleep duration) (swap! open-for-business? not)))
(defn add-customers []
(while @open-for-business?
(println "Waiting Room:" @waiting-room)
(< (count (ensure waiting-room)) waiting-room-size)
(alter waiting-room conj :customer)))
(Thread/sleep (+ 10 (rand-int 21))))))
(defn get-next-customer []
(let [next-customer (first (ensure waiting-room))]
(when next-customer (alter waiting-room rest) next-customer))))
(defn cut-hair []
(while @open-for-business?
(when-let [next-customer (get-next-customer)]
(Thread/sleep 20)
;; do we want to continue cut hair before (!)
;; the actual value is set (possibly) ???
(send haircut-count inc)))))
(println "Open barber shop for 10 secs")
(open-shop 10000)
(println "Number of cuts:" @haircut-count)
(System/exit 0))
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