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// bootstrap-ckeditor-modal-fix.js
// hack to fix ckeditor/bootstrap compatiability bug when ckeditor appears in a bootstrap modal dialog
// Include this AFTER both bootstrap and ckeditor are loaded.
// From:
// Author:
$.fn.modal.Constructor.prototype.enforceFocus = function() {
modal_this = this
$(document).on('focusin.modal', function (e) {
if (modal_this.$element[0] !== && !modal_this.$element.has(
&& !$('cke_dialog_ui_input_select')
&& !$('cke_dialog_ui_input_text')) {

It will work for bootstrap 2.3.2 ?
Thank you!

skilef commented Mar 29, 2015

Thank's !!!
Saved my day

AdnaneX commented Dec 17, 2015

sir how can i use for modal semantic ui

thank you so much!!!
Bootstrap v3.3.4 use: modal_this.$element.blur(), it works well in IE11

It not work with textarea as plugin code for ckeditor

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