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Created May 15, 2017
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Gist for Automating remote and local git commands
from fabric.api import *
from fabric.colors import red, green
from time import sleep
from pprint import pprint
from fabric.contrib.files import exists
def local_git():
is_done = True
with lcd('/Development/PetProjects/OhBugz/src/ohbugztracker/'):
r = local('git status', capture=True)
# Make the branch is not Upto date before doing further operations
if 'Your branch is up-to-date with' not in r.stdout:
local('git add .', capture=True)
local('git commit -m Initial Commit')
local('git push origin master')
except Exception as e:
is_done = False
return is_done
def remote_git():
is_done = True
with settings(host_string=host.rstrip('\n').strip(), warn_only=True):
with cd('public_html/code'):
run('git stash')
run('git pull origin master')
except Exception as e:
is_done = True
return is_done
def deploy():
result = local_git()
if result:
print('Time to deploy')
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Pehesi97 commented Feb 22, 2018

Hey, where does the "host" var come from?

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