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  • Get existing cm.setOption calls to work with the Tern cm.setOption calls
  • Figure out how to link tern.yuidoc as a dependency of p5 so a Grunt task can be created/run to create the Tern definition file each time there are updates
  • Autocomplete is only triggered with a .
  • Suuuper sluggish performance when multiple functions/vars/words register with Tern. Hard to tell whether this is Tern or CodeMirror show-hint

Functionality to add

  • Modal window that describes Tern keys (like existing keyboard shortcuts modal)
  • Toggle/keyboard shortcut to turn on Tern stuff
    • probably in "Settings: General" (see new Jerel design on Zeplin)


  • Decide whether to add grunt tasks to generate a new p5 Tern defs file every time a new version of p5.js is released (existing process for creating the Tern defs file is here; process depends on this issue getting resolved)
  • Decide whether argument hints are helpful
  • Decide what should be "off" by default: autocomplete? All Tern stuff?
  • Starting documentation has lots of <p> tags, <br> tags, and newlines. Currently, a grunt task replaces <p> tags. Is this the best way to do this? If so, I need help replacing newlines. If not, the other way I can think of is adding additional style guidelines for the p5.js wiki here that says "No HTML in documentation"
  • Remove Ctrl + i (full docs description + link) as an option and use only Ctrl + o (first few lines of docs + link); this might also solve some of the HTML tag problems

Styling todos

  • Styling for Ctrl + o
  • Styling for Ctrl + q (rename variable)
  • Styling for argument hints
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