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Created on: Jul 2017
Created by: Dmitriy Kagarlickij
ServiceFabricRPHelpers module is from:
if ($(Test-Path -Path "C:\Service-Fabric-master") -ne $true) {
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile "C:\"
Expand-Archive "C:\" -DestinationPath "C:\"
Remove-Item -Path "C:\"
Import-Module "C:\Service-Fabric-master\Scripts\ServiceFabricRPHelpers\ServiceFabricRPHelpers.psm1"
if ($(Test-Path -Path "C:\AzureCertificates") -ne $true) {
New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path "C:\" -Name "AzureCertificates"
Invoke-AddCertToKeyVault `
-SubscriptionId "d1b58865-90ce-447e-981d-eaca81001f58" `
-DnsName "" `
-ResourceGroupName "kag-rg1" `
-Location "westus" `
-VaultName "kag-kw1" `
-CertificateName "kagcert1" `
-Password "Password" `
-CreateSelfSignedCertificate `
-OutputPath "C:\AzureCertificates" `
| Out-File "C:\AzureCertificates\certParameters.txt"
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