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sample osx/linux aliases
echo "redoing aliases"
# alias to reload aliases in your current window
alias real=". ~/kagemusha/aliases/aliases"
# specific things i'm currently working on
alias rspet="rspec spec/controllers/api/canvas/email_templates_controller_spec.rb"
alias rspes="rspec spec/controllers/api/canvas/email_sections_controller_spec.rb"
alias dlvw="dlv debug -- --workers 1 --models ./sample_models"
alias 58="lsof -i tcp:5858"
alias dt="docker tag some_image:latest"
alias dp="docker push"
# misc
alias pug="ps ux | grep"
alias k9="kill -9"
alias sk9="sudo kill -9"
alias ak47="killall"
alias c-="cd -"
alias viz="vi ~/.zshrc"
# dirs
alias kg="~/kagemusha"
alias ali="kg && cd aliases"
alias nsqp="kg && cd nsq_practice"
alias kgo="cd ~/go/src/"
alias clo="mgo && cd clover"
alias gol="cd ~/go/src"
alias vww="mgo && cd vowpal_websrv"
alias res="cd ~/research"
alias pvw="res && cd vowpal_wabbit/python"
alias mir="res && cd ember-cli-mirage"
alias cellar="/usr/local/Cellar"
alias gopr="gol && cd go_practice"
alias dl="res && deep-learning"
alias slc="~/kagemusha/spylang-client"
alias tmp="~/tmp"
alias rlc="reload && cv"
alias cel="cd /usr/local/Cellar"
alias lbin="cd /usr/local/bin"
alias launch="/Users/user/Library/LaunchAgents"
# git commands
alias gc="git checkout"
alias gcm="gc master"
alias gcb="gc -b"
alias gpr="git pull --rebase"
alias g-="gc -"
alias gs='git status'
alias gb="git branch"
alias gs="git status"
alias gl='git log --pretty=format:"%h %s"'
alias gri="git rebase -i"
alias gsu="git stash -u"
alias gspop="git stash pop"
alias gba="git for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate refs/heads/ --format='%(committerdate:short) %(authorname) %(refname:short)'"
alias gitren="git branch -m "
alias gpu="git push -u"
alias gpuo="gpu origin"
alias gu='gitup'
alias gsui="git submodule update --init"
alias vigi="vi ~/.gitignore_global"
# python commands
alias python="python3"
alias py="python3"
alias pip="pip3"
alias pi="pip3 install"
alias piu="pi --user"
alias jn="jupyter notebook"
alias pys="python3 -m http.server" # e.g. pys 7777 (port 7777)
# go
alias gi="go install"
alias gr="go run"
alias gg="go get"
alias godir="cd ~/go"
alias gob="go build"
alias xm="./murat -c ../../config/development/murat.yml"
alias gom="gob && xm"
alias dlm="dlv debug . -- -c=../../config/development/murat.yml"
# aws
alias ecrl="$(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region us-east-1)"
alias s3="aws s3"
alias s3ls="s3 ls"
alias s3cp="s3 cp"
# serverless
alias sd="serverless deploy"
alias si="serverless invoke"
alias sc="serverless create"
alias scp3="serverless create --template aws-python3"
alias dbt="docker build -t" # docker build -t kangzeroo .
alias dr="docker run"
alias dia="docker images --a"
# pg
alias pgstart="brew services start postgresql"
alias pgstop="pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres stop"
alias pgrestart="brew services restart postgresql"
# rails
alias gemi="gem install"
alias gemll="gem list --local"
alias buni="bundle install"
alias be="bundle exec"
alias ber="bundle exec rake"
alias bx="bundle exec"
alias bxr="bundle exec rake"
alias bxrc="bx rails console"
alias bxcr="bxrc"
alias spqr="bxrc"
alias bxrm="bxr db:migrate"
alias dbrollback="rake db:rollback STEP=1"
alias dbredo="bxrollback && bxrm"
alias bxrs="bxr db:seed"
alias taild="tail -f log/development.log"
alias testprep="rake db:test:prepare"
alias dbreset="bxr db:drop db:create db:migrate db:seed db:test:prepare"
alias dbmig="bxr db:migrate"
alias rg="rails generate"
alias rgc="rg controller"
alias rgm="rg model"
alias rgr="rg resource"
alias rgs="rg serializer"
alias rgmig="rg migration"
alias rd="rails destroy"
alias rdc="rd controller"
alias rdm="rd model"
alias rs="bx rails s"
alias prr="pry-remote"
alias raketasks="rake -T -A"
alias cop="./bin/rubocop -a"
alias rsq="QUEUES=high rake resque:work"
# yarn
alias yag="yarn global upgrade"
alias ya="yarn add"
alias yi="yarn install"
# npm
alias ni="npm install"
alias nig="ni -g"
alias nu="npm update"
alias nug="nu -g"
alias ncc="npm cache clean"
alias nis="ni --save-dev"
alias nstart="npm start"
alias ntest="npm test"
alias nst="npm start"
alias nt="npm test"
alias nglist="npm -g ls --depth=0"
alias ns="npm start"
alias ys="yarn && npm start"
alias lss="lerna bootstrap && lerna run ci:install && ns"
alias dbn="./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha debug && ./node_modules/karma/bin/karma start"
# ember-cli
alias em="ember"
alias es="ember server"
alias rcli="rm -rf node_modules tmp dist && ni && bi"
alias esp="es --port"
alias esp5="esp 5000"
alias ei="ember install"
alias en="ember new"
alias et="ember test"
alias ets="ember test --serve"
alias etf="ember test -f"
alias etsu="ember test --serve --filter=unit"
alias eb="ember build"
alias ebp="ember build --environment=production"
alias ebw="ember build --watch"
# brew
alias brin="brew install node"
#for a version do brew search, then choose a version e.g brew install homebrew/versions/node5
alias brinf="brew info" #e.g. brew info node
alias brsw="brew switch" #e.g. brew switch postgresql 9.1.5
alias brsr="brew search" #e.g. brew search node
alias startpg="brew services start postgresql"
# elixir, phoenix
alias exx="elixir"
alias exs="elixir"
alias m="mix"
alias mn="mix new"
alias mt="mix test"
alias mtx="mix test --exclude skip"
alias mdg="mix deps.get"
alias mdc="mix deps.compile"
alias mps="mix phoenix.server"
alias meb="mix"
alias mereset="mix ecto.reset"
alias merl="mix ecto.rollback"
alias ism="iex -S mix"
alias imps="iex -S mix phoenix.server"
alias ismt="iex -S mix test"
alias ismtx="iex -S mix test --exclude skip"
alias hseed="heroku run mix run priv/repo/seeds.exs"
alias phn="mix"
alias mpn="mix"
alias mpr="mix phoenix.routes"
alias routes="mix phoenix.routes"
alias mec="mix ecto.create"
#alias med="mix ecto.drop"
alias mem="mix ecto.migrate"
alias mgmig="mix ecto.gen.migration"
alias meroll="mix ecto.rollback" #mix ecto.rollback --step 3
alias mgh="mix phoenix.gen.html"
alias mgj="mix phoenix.gen.json" #e.g. mix phoenix.gen.json User users name:string age:integer
alias mgm="mix phoenix.gen.model"
alias mrs="mix run priv/repo/seeds.exs"
alias aw="kg && cd aws-proj"
alias awi="aw && ingest-data"
alias imd="awi && source setenv && py"
## kyoko :-)
alias ky='say -v "Kyoko"'
alias nh='say -v "Kyoko" "のみほうだいがすきですか?"'
alias rr='say -v "Kyoko" "reelly? rillee?"'
alias genki='say -v "kyoko" "元気?"'
# minecraft
alias mc="cd ~/minecraft/spigotmc && java -jar spigot-1.12.2.jar"
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