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Michael kagemusha

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kagemusha / gist:1391549
Created Nov 24, 2011
SSL_connect...certificate verify failed Error on OSX using Rails
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If running rails ... commands on OSX you get:
SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed
1. Install cert
sudo port install curl-ca-bundle
2. When running rails command, do
kagemusha / gist:1433863
Created Dec 5, 2011
iOS Phonegap APP: Whitelist URL Error
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Tested: PhoneGap 1.2, XCode 4.2
If you are trying to connect to an external server from your
appYou must add the host (e.g. to your
PhoneGap.plist file.
In XCode:
1) Find PhoneGap.plist: should be in dir <your_app>/Supporting Files
2) Find or create the ExternalHosts prop
3) The ExternalHosts prop should be an array. Add an item an input your
kagemusha / gist:1434402
Created Dec 5, 2011
JQuery Autocomplete with Rails 3.1 Example
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Tested on: Rails 3.1.3, jquery-rails (1.0.18), jquery-ui-1.8.16
1. Create form with text field to be autocompleted
2. Hook up autocomplete
3. Write an autocomplete function in your Rails controller to return data
4. Create a rails route
kagemusha / gist:1443744
Created Dec 7, 2011
Install Postgres pg Ruby Gem on Snow Leopard
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Tested on: pg (0.11.0) OS X Snow Leopaard
export PATH=/opt/local/lib/postgresql84/bin:${PATH}
env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" gem install pg
where postgresql84 is install dir
kagemusha / gist:1444076
Created Dec 7, 2011
Install Rails 3.1 Mongoid Mongo on Heroku
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Tested on: Rails 3.1.x, Heroku Cedar stack
1. Generate/develop local Rails app, add mongoid gem, bundle install etc.
2. Git the App
3. Generate Heroku Cedar App:
heroku create --stack cedar
4. Rename app
heroku rename <newname>
5. Install heroku mongoHQ or mongolab:
heroku addons:add mongohq:free
kagemusha / gist:1477824
Created Dec 14, 2011
Heroku Custom Domain w Godaddy and Google Apps
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Heroku Setup
1. Install Custom Domain Plugin for your app
heroku addons:add custom_domains
2. Add domain names
heroku domains:add
GoDaddy Setup
1. Go to your domain under your account
View gist:1478469
(courtesy OpenGotham)
Setting up a local git clone of project
git clone<project>.git
Branching Workflow
All work is done in topic branches. Generally a topic branch maps directly to a feature requests.
Before a developer begins to work on code they should :
git co -b wip_short_desc_of_intended_wk
kagemusha / gist:1504625
Created Dec 21, 2011
Invalidate Session when SessionRestoreError in Rails 3.x
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Tested on: Rails 3.1
If have error:
ActionDispatch::Session::SessionRestoreError (Session contains objects whose class definition isn't available.
Remember to require the classes for all objects kept in the session.
can fix by changing a char in secret token in initializers/secret_token.rb
kagemusha / gist:1504633
Created Dec 21, 2011
Migrate from Mongo to Postgres in Rails 3.1
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Tested on: Rails 3.1, Mongoid 2.0.1, pg 0.12.0 gem
Migrate from Mongo to PG
1. remove mongoid gem
2. add pg gem
3. in application.rb re-add ActiveRecord
4. for all models
- inherit from ActiveRecord::Base
- get rid of Mongoid:Document line
- make migrations and put fields there
kagemusha / gist:1542498
Created Dec 31, 2011
Rails include related Model in JSON Response
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Tested on: Rails 3.1
In this example, you want to return as json a group of Items and the name of the Company which makes them.
Models are as follows:
class Company < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :items
class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
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