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Created October 28, 2015 19:34
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Inkscape Missing libxml2 OSX Fix
I have installed Inkscape via homebrew, so this may not work with the website binaries.
TL;DR fix:
Make sure you are using the system version of python, check with
which python
❯ /usr/bin/python
Install python package manager pip, if it isn't already
sudo easy_install pip
Use pip to install libxml into your system python
sudo pip install lxml
❯ Collecting lxml...
Basically the problem is that Inkscape is hardcoded to use the system python build, to avoid conflicts with other python builds. But I presume in a recent update of OSX they have removed the libxml library from the system build.
Firstly I had to delete my homebrew install of python, it’s the same version (2.7.10) as the system build so no loss. Secondly, I needed to install pip to the system python using;
❯ sudo easy_install pip
Finally, I installed libxml to the system python install with;
❯ sudo pip install lxml
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AMStrix commented Jan 18, 2018


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