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Created Oct 1, 2013
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diff --git a/doc/lua_api.txt b/doc/lua_api.txt
index 335f8af..1201ced 100644
--- a/doc/lua_api.txt
+++ b/doc/lua_api.txt
@@ -518,6 +518,13 @@ pointed_thing:
{type="node", under=pos, above=pos}
{type="object", ref=ObjectRef}
+"list" and "array" are used interchangeably in this API documentation
+and refer to tables indexed by integers (without holes, unless certain
+elements explicitly are meant to be nil). The first index is 1.
+ {elem_1, elem_2, ..., elem_n}
+or equivalently:
+ {[1]=elem_1, [2]=elem_2, ..., [n]=elem_n}
Node (register_node):
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