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Hunting giant octopuses

Kaio Magalhães kaiomagalhaes

Hunting giant octopuses
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- Considering this scenario, how would you store device data in the database? given that the API does not allow 1000 requests per second, and devices do not have direct access to the database;
- Which databases would be considered? Why? given the scenario where we only care about the last day (however, we need to keep the data history for analysis)
- How would you store the analytical data? which database? (no need to worry about calculations)
- How would you return analytics data to dashboards? (no need to worry about calculations)
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JLL - Senior FullStack Engineer - Pro


  1. How does the .NET framework work? .NET framework-based applications that are written in supportive languages like C#, F#, or Visual basic are compiled to Common Intermediate Language (CIL). Compiled code is stored in the form of an assembly file that has a .dll or .exe file extension. When the .NET application runs, Common Language Runtime (CLR) takes the assembly file and converts the CIL into machine code with the help of the Just In Time(JIT) compiler. Now, this machine code can execute on the specific architecture of the computer it is running on.
  2. What is .NET core? .NET Core can be said as the newer version of the .NET Framework. It is a cost-free, general-purpose, open-source application development platform provided by Microsoft. It is a cross-platform framework because it runs on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. This Framework can be used to develop applications like mobile, web, IoT, machine learning, game, cloud, microservices, etc. It consists of impor


Parse and evaluate simple math word problems returning the answer as an integer.

Iteration 0 — Numbers

Problems with no operations simply evaluate to the number given.

What is 5?

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- We will have 1000 devices capturing the user's heart rate, with 1 check per second;
- each device captures geolocation (latitude, longitude), user (name and age), device, date, heart rate;
- Doctors are only interested in all data of the last day (current day is not important in this scenario)
- Doctors need analytics dashboards with data by age and by user (from the last day - not considering today)
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## Instructions
The goal of this exercise is to create a project that tests the given web application using *Katalan*.
### The Task
### Features and Requirements
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import React, { useState } from 'react';
import classNames from 'classnames';
import styles from './Tab.module.scss';
import { Button } from 'agnosticDesignSystem';
type MenuItem = {
title: string | React.ReactNode;
active?: boolean;
key: string;


The goal of this exercise is to create a backend using C# using the REST arquitecture.

The Task

In this task, we are building backend of an application that helps us managing our team.

Features and Requirements

  • A member has a name and a type the late one can be an employee or a contractor.
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"offset": 2,
"page_size": 20,
"total_pages": 3,
"data": [
"id": 1,
"date": "10/21/2021",
"product": {
"name": "Box",


The goal of this exercise is to create a demo calendar application using React. We strongly recommend create-react-app to make the bootstrapping of your application really easy.

Please don't use a calendar library, we would like to see your own calendar logic.

The Task

You should start by rendering a single month view of a calendar for the current month – along with the lines of the calendar image in this project.