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Get Top 100 Games by Number of Viewers Twitch
# Getting data for Top 100 Games by number of viewers
# Default response is for 20 games so you will have to set the parameter 'first to 100'
headers = {
'Authorization' : 'Bearer '+str(access_token),
games_response = requests.get('', headers=headers)
# The response will be a JSON which will include the response data and the pagination cursor
# We need to extract the data from the JSON and convert it into a pandas dataframe
games_response_json = json.loads(games_response.text)
topgames_data = games_response_json['data']
# Converting to a pandas dataframe
topgames_df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(json_normalize(topgames_data), orient='columns')
# See the first few lines. The response includes id, name, and box art url for the game
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