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Different approaches to handling asynchronous Redux actions.

Async in Redux

This is a CFP for ReactiveConf open call for lightning talks. If you'd like to see this talk become a reality, please ⭐️ star this gist. #ReactiveConf

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Redux is usually taught with synchronous actions - these are easier to understand but as web developers, we tend to deal with asynchronous actions a lot more often. In this talk, I'll compare different libraries to assist you with asynchronous Redux actions: redux-thunk, redux-saga, redux-promise-middleware, etc.


What you can expect to see

  • Different approaches of handling asynchronous actions in Redux with middlewares such as redux-saga, redux-thunk, redux-promise, etc.
  • What middleware to use when?


About the author

I work at Cleartrip, where I'm leading the development of a Progressive Web App to make travel simple. When I started out as a React developer I was completely confused with all the available options to handle async actions in Redux. Slowly I explored them all realising the pros and cons of each of them, and I think everyone should know about the available options so that they know what to choose when working with redux.

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