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Created Jul 15, 2015
What would you like to do?

Few things resonated with me about the article. I was never one of those "solopreneur on the beach" types anyways. But I think I did glamorize a little bit the benefits of being a successful one man show. Don't get me wrong, I do think it's a great gig, but I've been seeing a need for being part of a team growing in myself personally over time.

That's not to say everyone will feel like that. Certainly there are probably some people that will be perfectly content to work solo for their entire lives. And I may be one of them - jury is still out on that.

But I have been feeling more of a need to be part of a team over the past 2 or so years that I've been going solo.

Also the idea of working on bigger problems is something I've been thinking about more. I think earlier on I was more interested in working on manageable problems that wouldn't have a lot of complications and could still be reasonably profitable. I still think that's a great way to start and again a great way to live.

But I've also been seeing in myself over a time a growing desire to work on bigger problems. Not sure what that looks like or even means.

That's not to say that you can't do tremendously impactful work as a solo guy. Brendan, you're obviously a case in point of that. And it's also not to say that throwing people at a problem always speeds it up (mythical man month).

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