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A pre-push git hook that notify Amazon Chime group
branch="$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)"
# get computer name to append in Chime message
# a branch name where you want to prevent git push. In this case, it's "master"
if [ "$branch" = "master" ]; then
echo "You can't commit directly to '"${branch}"' branch" # webstorm or intellij will show this as popup
curl -X POST "<Chime-Webhook-URL>" -H "Content-Type:application/json" --data '{"Content": "@All 🚧 '@"${username}"' trying to push code to '"${branch}"'. \n Please note that commit is not blocked but it is discouraged to push code directly to '"${branch}"'."}'
exit 1 # if you remove this line then it won't block push but send message to group and on command line
# Things you need to do -
# 1. Copy above code
# 2. Go to your project/.git/hooks
# 3. Copy pre-push.sample and rename it to pre-push
# 4. Paste the above code
# 5. Make this file executable - $ chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit
# 6. Voila! Now you will see your push is failing in "master" branch
# 7. If you use Amazon Chime then create a webhook URL and replace the in cURL or add code which sends message to Slack or
# your preferred communication channel
# ---------------------AMAZON CHIME DOCS----------------------- #
# Amazon Chime Webhook documentation
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ftonato commented Oct 22, 2019

Hey @kalpeshsingh,

Thank you for sharing this hook, is incredibly useful!

I would like to suggest a fix for a typo on line #21, where you wrote $ chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit should be $ chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-push (based on line #19).

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devyani22 commented Dec 17, 2019

Great! How do I allow this to a specific user?

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kalpeshsingh commented Dec 18, 2019

Great! How do I allow this to a specific user?

You can use username variable and put a if condition to match that user.
It will then work for that specific user only.

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looopTools commented Feb 18, 2020

Thanks a lot for this 👍

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jairoFernandez commented Jul 15, 2020


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rohit679 commented Sep 22, 2020

Thanks a lot, this really helps me in sorting out my mistakes

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praful-dhabekar commented Dec 24, 2020

Hi, thanks for this gist.
In your hook, you're getting branch but I wanted to also check which tags are available. Is there any way to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

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