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Last active September 9, 2016 21:59
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def display_short_bio(info_about_me, lessons_learned, aspirations):
Welcome to the magical world of programming!
print "\nHello World!\n"
print info_about_me
print lessons_learned
print aspirations
def think_outside_the_box():
Dare to be unique. Use your imagination, be fearless and seize your dreams.
info_about_me = ("I'm Ioanna. Those familiar with programming must have guessed right!\n"
"I'm a Software Developer and I work with an amazing team at the European Bioinformatics Institute.\n"
"Biology has always fascinated me and bioinformatics has enabled me to combine my two passions into one.\n"
"Computer science and biology. Yes! Puzzles thrill me and I love challenges too.\n"
"Probably those are the main reasons why I enjoy my job so much.\n"
"During daytime I'm an undercover swimmer and that photo is me in my \"superhero\" suit.\n"
"I didn't qualify for the finals that day for 20 hundredths of a second due to an injury.\n"
"A month later, I smashed that time while competing in the relay for my team.\n"
"For the remaining of my free time I work on completing my PhD and hang out with my friends. \n"
"I love dogs, music and cooking, and planning on publishing my own recipe book.\n"
"Someday, why not? They say whatever your dream, you can achieve.\n")
lessons_learned = ("Lessons Learned:\n"
"\t1. You never fail unless you give up.\n"
"\t2. No matter who you compete against, the only one you need to beat is yourself.\n"
"\t As long as you overcome your limits, first or last, victory it is!\n")
aspirations = ("Aspirations:\n"
"Become the best YOU, you can be!\n")
display_short_bio(info_about_me, lessons_learned, aspirations)
if __name__ == '__main__':
Interesting fact no.1: This code really works!
Interesting fact no.2: I'm allergic to chlorine!
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kalvari commented Sep 9, 2016


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