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Alexey Kalyaganov kalyaganov

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kalyaganov / creating.swift
Created May 25, 2021
Ktor self signed certs
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let skipSessionDelegate = SkipSSLSessionDelegate()
// ....
challengeHandler: { (session, task, authenticationChallenge, completionHandler) in
skipSessionDelegate.urlSession?(session, didReceive: authenticationChallenge) {
(authChallengeDisposition, urlCredentials) in
completionHandler(KotlinLong(integerLiteral: authChallengeDisposition.rawValue), urlCredentials)
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
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class RouterVisiter {
fun route(item: TypeA){
//route for TypeA
fun route(item: TypeB){
//route for TypeB
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* A tree which logs important information for crash reporting.
private class CrashReportingTree : Timber.Tree() {
override fun log(priority: Int, tag: String?, message: String, t: Throwable?) {
if (priority == Log.VERBOSE || priority == Log.DEBUG) {
Crashlytics.log(priority, tag, message)
if (t != null) {