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import Foundation
public extension Bundle {
private final class Marker {}
// Looking for bundle involves a lot of IO
private static let cache: NSCache<NSString, Bundle> = NSCache<NSString, Bundle>()
public static func resourcesBundle(forModuleName moduleName: String) -> Bundle {
if let cachedBundle = cache.object(forKey: moduleName as NSString) {
return cachedBundle
let bundle = resolved(forModuleName: moduleName)
cache.setObject(bundle, forKey: moduleName as NSString)
return bundle
private static func resolved(forModuleName moduleName: String) -> Bundle {
return Bundle.main.anyNested(forModuleName: moduleName)
?? Bundle.main
private func anyNested(forModuleName moduleName: String) -> Bundle? {
if let framework = nestedFramework(name: moduleName) {
return framework.nestedResourceBundle(moduleName: moduleName)
?? framework
return nestedResourceBundle(moduleName: moduleName)
private func nestedFramework(name: String) -> Bundle? {
return path(forResource: name, ofType: "framework", inDirectory: "Frameworks")
private func nestedResourceBundle(moduleName: String) -> Bundle? {
guard let resourceBundlePath =
path(forResource: moduleName + "Resources", ofType: "bundle")
?? path(forResource: moduleName, ofType: "bundle")
else { return nil }
return Bundle(path: resourceBundlePath)
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