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const Diagnostics = require('Diagnostics');
const Scene = require('Scene');
const Shaders = require('Shaders');
const Materials = require("Materials");
const R = require("Reactive");
const CameraInfo = require('CameraInfo');
const Textures = require('Textures');
const Time = require('Time');
const mat = Materials.get("material0");
const cameraTexture = Textures.get("cameraTexture0");
const cameraColor = cameraTexture.signal;
// get the texture coordinates in fragment stage
const texcoords = Shaders.fragmentStage(Shaders.vertexAttribute({'variableName': Shaders.VertexAttribute.TEX_COORDS}));
var color = R.pack4(1,0,0,1);
var sampled = Shaders.textureSampler(cameraColor,
greaterThenSignal(texcoords.y,0.5, texcoords, mirrorSignal(0.5, sampled, texcoords,;
// set texture to sampled
const textureSlot = Shaders.DefaultMaterialTextures.DIFFUSE
mat.setTexture(sampled, {textureSlotName: textureSlot});
function greaterThenSignal(shadersignal, value, leftSignal, rightSignal) {
var step = R.step(shadersignal, value);
return R.mix(leftSignal, rightSignal, step);
function mirrorSignal(mirrorPosition, textureColor, uvs, time) {
const pixelSizeX = R.div(1,CameraInfo.previewSize.width);
const pixelSizeY = R.div(1,CameraInfo.previewSize.height);
var distanceFromMirror = R.sub(mirrorPosition, uvs.y);
var sine = R.sin(R.add(R.mul(time,0.01),R.mul(R.log(distanceFromMirror),40)));
var dy = R.mul(30, sine);
var dx = R.val(0);
dy = R.mul(dy, distanceFromMirror);
var offsetX = R.mul(pixelSizeX, dx);
var offsetY = R.mul(pixelSizeY, dy);
const newUV = R.pack2(
R.add(texcoords.x, offsetX),
R.add(R.sub(1, texcoords.y), offsetY)
return newUV;

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@dukuo dukuo commented Mar 10, 2020

Hey! Thanks for this snippet, it pointed me in the right direction. One question though: would there be any chance to sample a texture on a specific point in time?

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