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Created July 11, 2011 17:06
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Show status of all fail2ban jails at once
JAILS=`fail2ban-client status | grep "Jail list" | sed -E 's/^[^:]+:[ \t]+//' | sed 's/,//g'`
for JAIL in $JAILS
fail2ban-client status $JAIL
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biesior commented Sep 23, 2022


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Verify Github on Galxe. gid:hqaGx3KAt8heyLH9WYEKkm

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jmsfnch commented Oct 14, 2022

Ta very much!

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CDSoft commented Dec 27, 2023


Since fail2ban banned lists all jails with their banned IP as a list of Python dictionaries, Python can also be used to get the list of jails:

$ fail2ban-client banned
[{'sshd': []}, {'apache-auth': []}, {'apache-badbots': []}, {'apache-noscript': ['AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD', 'AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD']}, {'apache-overflows': []}, {'apache-nohome': []}, {'apache-botsearch': []}, {'apache-fakegooglebot': []}, {'apache-modsecurity': []}, {'apache-shellshock': []}, {'php-url-fopen': []}, {'apache-pass': []}]
$ JAILS=$(python -c "print(' '.join(k for d in $(fail2ban-client banned) for k in d))")
$ echo $JAILS
sshd apache-auth apache-badbots apache-noscript apache-overflows apache-nohome apache-botsearch apache-fakegooglebot apache-modsecurity apache-shellshock php-url-fopen apache-pass

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