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Last active Jun 12, 2016

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Get all dependencies in an array
// required modules
// "lodash/underscore"
// "text.js": requireJS plugin to load html content dynamically
// "templates": An empty module which holds the template contents dynamically whenever a template is loaded
define(['underscore', 'templates'], function(_, templates) {
return {
loadTemplate: function(templateName, callbackFunc){
var _this = this;
// merging the main template, templates variable and template dependencies
var requiredTemplates = _.union([templateName], _this.getTemplateDependencies(templateName));
var dependencies = _this.getTemplatePaths(requiredTemplates);
// if the template had dependencies on other templates then load these other templates first
require(dependencies, function(templateContent){
// Storing the fetched template contents in an object for future use
for(var i = 0, ilen = requiredTemplates.length; i < ilen; i++){
templates[requiredTemplates[i]] = arguments[i];
// storing templates variable inside the sandbox
_this.templates = templates;
// Calling the callback function
getTemplatePaths: function(requiredTemplates){
// Cloning to not alter the passed argument
var allTemplates = _.clone(requiredTemplates);
// Placing exact path along with textjs to fetch the templates dynamically
for(var i = 0, ilen = allTemplates.length; i < ilen; i++){
// Exact relative path
allTemplates[i] = 'text!templates/' + allTemplates[i] + '.html';
return allTemplates;
// returns array of dependencies
getTemplateDependencies: function(templateName){
// dependency tree for each template
var dependencyTree = {
'some-template': ['dependencies', 'here'],
'fields/textbox': ['fields/attributes'],
'fields/select': ['fields/attributes'],
'fields/textarea': ['fields/attributes'],
'session-items': ['fields/textbox', 'fields/select', 'fields/textarea']
// The hierarchy of dependencies can go deeper like 2 or more levels
// So, calling a recursive function which grabs dependency templates and check further for their dependencies
// Atlast, all dependencies will be fetched in a single dimensional array
return this.recursivelyAddDeps(dependencyTree, dependencyTree[templateName] || []);
recursivelyAddDeps(dependencyTree, dependencies) {
var _this = this;
return dependencies.reduce(function (accum, key) {
return [].concat(accum, [key], dependencyTree[key] ? _this.recursivelyAddDeps(dependencyTree, dependencyTree[key]) : []);
}, []);
setTemplate: function(str, data){
// This method will only be used by templates to call other dependent templates
var data = data || {};
return _.template(this.templates[str])({
data: data,
sb: this
return "Template Not found";
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