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Last active Nov 15, 2017
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sync .env Laradock => Laravel
Copyright (c) 2017 kamukiriri
This software is released under the MIT License.
define(APP_ENV, "../.env");
define(LARADOCK_ENV, "./.env");
define(DEBUG, isset($argv[1]) && !empty($argv[1]));
$db_type = "pgsql";
$db_host = "postgres";
$db_port = "5432";
$conf_prefix = strtoupper($db_host);
preg_match_all("/${conf_prefix}_(.+?)=(.+?)\n/", file_get_contents(LARADOCK_ENV), $m, PREG_SET_ORDER);
if(DEBUG) print_r($m);
$db_conf = [];
foreach ($m as $conf) {
$db_conf[$conf[1]] = $conf[2];
$app_conf = [
"DB_CONNECTION"=> $db_type,
"DB_HOST"=> $db_host,
"DB_PORT"=> $db_port,
"DB_DATABASE"=> $db_conf["DB"] ?: $db_conf["DATABASE"],
"DB_USERNAME"=> $db_conf["USER"],
"DB_PASSWORD"=> $db_conf["PASSWORD"],
if(DEBUG) print_r($app_conf);
$edited_env = preg_replace_callback("/(DB_.*?)=.*?\n/",
function($m)use($app_conf){ return $m[1]."=".$app_conf[$m[1]]."\n"; },
if(DEBUG) print_r($edit_env);
file_put_contents(APP_ENV, $edited_env);
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