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// g100pon #32 文字コード判定
@Grab(group='', module='icu4j', version='4.0.1')
def detector = new CharsetDetector()
def bytes1 = new File('/works/test/iso2022-jp.txt').getBytes()
def name1 = detector.setText(bytes1).detect().getName()
assert name1 == 'ISO-2022-JP'
def bytes2 = new File('/works/test/utf8.txt').getBytes()
def name2 = detector.setText(bytes2).detect().getName()
assert name2 == 'UTF-8'
def bytes3 = new File('/works/test/eucjp.txt').getBytes()
def name3 = detector.setText(bytes3).detect().getName()
assert name3 == 'EUC-JP'
def bytes4 = new File('/works/test/sjis.txt').getBytes()
def name4 = detector.setText(bytes4).detect().getName()
assert name4 == 'Shift_JIS'
def bytes5 = new File('/works/test/cp932.txt').getBytes()
def name5 = detector.setText(bytes5).detect().getName()
assert name5 == 'Shift_JIS' //※CP932はShift_JISとして認識されてしまう。機種依存文字を入れてもNG。
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