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import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'package:flutter_svg/flutter_svg.dart';
import 'package:xml/xml.dart';
import 'package:flutter/services.dart';
/// An example widget which uses an [SvgOverride] widget to render an SVG with dynamic colors.
class ZenButtonCookie extends StatelessWidget {
final CookieColor color; // My internal color object. Adapt this for your needs.
const ZenButtonCookie(this.color);
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return SvgOverride(
hash(path, color),
(elem) => processElement(elem, color),
/// Ensure that the hash uniquely represents the XML transformations performed.
static hash(String svgPath, CookieColor color) => hashValues(svgPath, color?.base, color?.edge);
// Do XML attributes manipulation magic here
static processElement(XmlElement elem, CookieColor color) {
var setAttr = SvgOverride.setAttr;
var getHex = SvgOverride.getHex;
switch (elem.getAttribute('class')) {
case 'base':
setAttr(elem, "fill", getHex(color?.base));
case 'edge':
setAttr(elem, "fill", getHex(color?.edge));
/// A SVG widget which allows the ability to override SVG element attributes.
class SvgOverride extends SvgPicture {
/// Ensure that [cacheHash] uniquely represents the XML transformations performed.
String svgPath,
int cacheHash,
void Function(XmlElement) processElement, {
double width = double.infinity,
double height = double.infinity,
BoxFit fit = BoxFit.contain,
Alignment alignment =,
bool canDrawOutOfView = false,
}) : super(
svgOverrideDecoder(processElement, canDrawOutOfView),
width: width,
height: height,
fit: fit,
alignment: alignment,
allowDrawingOutsideViewBox: canDrawOutOfView,
/// Updates XMLs attributes of an SVG before parsing the SVG itself.
static svgOverrideDecoder(
void Function(XmlElement) processElement, canDrawOutOfView) =>
(String raw, ColorFilter colorFilter, String key) async {
raw = parseXmlFromString(raw, processElement);
return svg.svgPictureStringDecoder(
raw, canDrawOutOfView, colorFilter, key);
/// Parses an XML from a string and processes the attributes.
static String parseXmlFromString(
String xml, void Function(XmlElement) processElement) {
var root = parse(xml);
var elements = root.descendants.whereType<XmlElement>();
return root.toXmlString();
/// Sets the value of an attribute or creates the attribute if it doesn't exist.
static setAttr(XmlElement elem, String attr, String value) {
var attribute = elem.getAttributeNode(attr);
if (attribute == null) {
attribute = XmlAttribute(XmlName(attr), value);
} else {
attribute.value = value;
/// Converts a color into a hex string. Prefixes a cacheHash sign if [leadingHashSign] is true.
static String getHex(Color color, {bool leadingHashSign = true}) =>
color == null
? ""
: '${leadingHashSign ? '#' : ''}'
'${color.alpha.toRadixString(16).padLeft(2, '0')}'
'${, '0')}'
'${, '0')}'
'${, '0')}';
class DynamicAssetPicture extends ExactAssetPicture {
final int cacheHash;
const DynamicAssetPicture(
String assetName, this.cacheHash, PictureInfoDecoder<String> decoder)
: super(decoder, assetName);
Future<OverrideSvgKey> obtainKey(PictureConfiguration picture) {
return SynchronousFuture<OverrideSvgKey>(
bundle: bundle ?? picture.bundle ?? rootBundle,
name: keyName,
colorFilter: colorFilter,
cacheHash: cacheHash,
bool operator ==(dynamic other) =>
runtimeType == other.runtimeType && cacheHash == other.cacheHash;
int get hashCode => hashValues(super.hashCode, cacheHash);
class OverrideSvgKey extends AssetBundlePictureKey {
final int cacheHash;
const OverrideSvgKey(
{AssetBundle bundle, String name, ColorFilter colorFilter, this.cacheHash})
: super(bundle: bundle, name: name, colorFilter: colorFilter);
bool operator ==(dynamic other) => hashCode == other.hashCode;
int get hashCode => hashValues(super.hashCode, cacheHash);

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@kangabru kangabru commented May 30, 2020

Update SVGs dynamically in Flutter! Read about it here.

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