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remove ipython outputs and execution numbers
Jupyter notebook could be good for educational purpose.
Before release in class, output generated during testing and execution number need to be removed.
import os
import sys
import nbformat
# Use this module to read or write notebook files as particular nbformat versions.
def read_file(nb_filename):
assert os.path.exists(nb_filename)
txt = ''
with open(nb_filename, 'rb') as nb_file:
txt =
nb_node = nbformat.reads(txt, nbformat.NO_CONVERT)
return nb_node
def process_nb_node(nb_node):
for cell in nb_node['cells']:
if 'code' == cell['cell_type']:
if 'outputs' in cell:
cell['outputs'] = []
if 'execution_count' in cell:
cell['execution_count'] = None
return nb_node
def write_file(nb_node, nb_filename):
nbformat.write(nb_node, nb_filename)
def process_nb_file(nb_filename):
nb_node = read_file(nb_filename)
processed_node = process_nb_node(nb_node)
write_file(processed_node, nb_filename)
if __name__ == '__main__':
def main(argv):
if 1 < len(argv):
filename = argv[1]
print("Usage : python %s <notebook file path>" % os.path.split(__file__)[-1])
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