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The sample code to get iPhone device name.
// UIDevice+XMUtils.h
// AwesomeTips
// Created by kangzubin on 2018/9/20.
// Copyright © 2018 KANGZUBIN. All rights reserved.
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface UIDevice (XMUtils)
获取硬件平台名称,叫 device model 或者 machine name
@return 硬件平台名称,如 iPhone3,1、iPad7,4 等
+ (NSString *)platform;
@return 设备型号名称,如 iPhone 7、iPhone X、iPad Pro 10.5-inch 等
+ (NSString *)platformString;
@return 设备型号名称,与 platformString 一致,只查询一次然后缓存
+ (NSString *)deviceName;
// UIDevice+XMUtils.m
// AwesomeTips
// Created by kangzubin on 2018/9/20.
// Copyright © 2018 KANGZUBIN. All rights reserved.
#import "UIDevice+XMUtils.h"
#import <sys/sysctl.h>
@implementation UIDevice (XMUtils)
+ (NSString *)platform {
size_t size;
sysctlbyname("hw.machine", NULL, &size, NULL, 0);
char *machine = (char *)malloc(size);
if (machine == NULL) {
return nil;
sysctlbyname("hw.machine", machine, &size, NULL, 0);
NSString *platform = [NSString stringWithCString:machine encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
return platform;
// See also:
+ (NSString *)platformString {
NSString *platform = [self platform];
if (!platform) {
return [UIDevice currentDevice].model; // e.g. @"iPhone", @"iPod touch"
// iPhone
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone11,8"]) return @"iPhone XR";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone11,6"]) return @"iPhone XS Max";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone11,4"]) return @"iPhone XS Max";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone11,2"]) return @"iPhone XS";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone10,6"]) return @"iPhone X"; // GSM
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone10,5"]) return @"iPhone 8 Plus"; // GSM
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone10,4"]) return @"iPhone 8"; // GSM
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone10,3"]) return @"iPhone X"; // Global
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone10,2"]) return @"iPhone 8 Plus"; // Global
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone10,1"]) return @"iPhone 8"; // Global
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone9,4"]) return @"iPhone 7 Plus"; // GSM
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone9,3"]) return @"iPhone 7"; // GSM
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone9,2"]) return @"iPhone 7 Plus"; // Global
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone9,1"]) return @"iPhone 7"; // Global
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone8,4"]) return @"iPhone SE";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone8,2"]) return @"iPhone 6s Plus";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone8,1"]) return @"iPhone 6s";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone7,2"]) return @"iPhone 6";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone7,1"]) return @"iPhone 6 Plus";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone6,2"]) return @"iPhone 5s";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone6,1"]) return @"iPhone 5s";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone5,4"]) return @"iPhone 5c";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone5,3"]) return @"iPhone 5c";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone5,2"]) return @"iPhone 5 (CDMA)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone5,1"]) return @"iPhone 5 (GSM)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone4,1"]) return @"iPhone 4S";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone3,3"]) return @"iPhone 4 (CDMA)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone3,2"]) return @"iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone3,1"]) return @"iPhone 4 (GSM)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone2,1"]) return @"iPhone 3GS";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone1,2"]) return @"iPhone 3G";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPhone1,1"]) return @"iPhone 1G";
// iPod touch
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPod7,1"]) return @"iPod touch 6G";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPod5,1"]) return @"iPod touch 5G";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPod4,1"]) return @"iPod touch 4G";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPod3,1"]) return @"iPod touch 3G";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPod2,1"]) return @"iPod touch 2G";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPod1,1"]) return @"iPod touch 1G";
// iPad
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad7,6"]) return @"iPad 6 (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad7,5"]) return @"iPad 6 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad7,4"]) return @"iPad Pro 10.5-inch (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad7,3"]) return @"iPad Pro 10.5-inch (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad7,2"]) return @"iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd-gen (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad7,1"]) return @"iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd-gen (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad6,12"]) return @"iPad 5 (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad6,11"]) return @"iPad 5 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad6,8"]) return @"iPad Pro 12.9-inch (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad6,7"]) return @"iPad Pro 12.9-inch (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad6,4"]) return @"iPad Pro 9.7-inch (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad6,3"]) return @"iPad Pro 9.7-inch (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad5,4"]) return @"iPad Air 2 (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad5,3"]) return @"iPad Air 2 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad5,2"]) return @"iPad Mini 4 (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad5,1"]) return @"iPad Mini 4 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,9"]) return @"iPad Mini 3 (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,8"]) return @"iPad Mini 3 (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,7"]) return @"iPad Mini 3 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,6"]) return @"iPad Mini Retina (China)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,5"]) return @"iPad Mini Retina (Cellular)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,4"]) return @"iPad Mini Retina (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,3"]) return @"iPad Air (CDMA)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,2"]) return @"iPad Air (GSM)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad4,1"]) return @"iPad Air (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad3,6"]) return @"iPad 4 (CDMA)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad3,5"]) return @"iPad 4 (GSM)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad3,4"]) return @"iPad 4 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad3,3"]) return @"iPad 3 (GSM)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad3,2"]) return @"iPad 3 (CDMA)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad3,1"]) return @"iPad 3 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad2,7"]) return @"iPad Mini (CDMA)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad2,6"]) return @"iPad Mini (GSM)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad2,5"]) return @"iPad Mini (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad2,4"]) return @"iPad 2 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad2,3"]) return @"iPad 2 (CDMA)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad2,2"]) return @"iPad 2 (GSM)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad2,1"]) return @"iPad 2 (WiFi)";
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"iPad1,1"]) return @"iPad";
// Simulator
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"i386"]) return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ Simulator", [UIDevice currentDevice].model];
if ([platform isEqualToString:@"x86_64"]) return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ Simulator", [UIDevice currentDevice].model];
// For new device, return the hardware string directly.
return platform;
+ (NSString *)deviceName {
static NSString *deviceName = nil;
static dispatch_once_t onceToken;
dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{
deviceName = [self platformString];
if (deviceName.length == 0) {
deviceName = @"iPhone";
return deviceName;
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