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# 2022-08 Johannes Kröger (WhereGroup), GPLv3
# Silly interface to interactively adjust (project) variable
# values in real time. Meant to be used with expressions.
# Use @variable_name in expressions and have a go at it.
# - Displays widgets for editing int/float project variables
# - Refreshes canvas after any change in value
# WIP, might make it a plugin some day
kannes / color distances.ipynb
Created September 25, 2018 13:28
half working color distance comparison thingie
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kannes / OSM vs Wikipedia
Last active August 29, 2015 14:15
Rot = so nur in OSM vorhanden, Grün = so nur in Wikipedia vorhanden
Abraham Borenstejn 10.047498,53.5500243
Abraham Freimann 9.9826325,53.5701544
Abraham Gutfreund 9.956541,53.56011
Abraham Schwarzschild 9.9813335,53.568457
Abram Widawski 10.0342976,53.5573667
Adam Molinnus 10.0409189,53.5557051
Ada Seligmann geb. Löwenstein 9.9877389,53.5920567
Adele Cohn geb. Isaak 9.9812636,53.5718909
Adele Elias 10.042956,53.5469898
Adele Friedberg geb. Goldschmidt 9.9829959,53.56978
kannes /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:15
Scatterplot with ordinal Y-Axis
# rename TMS tiles to the XYZ schema
# no quoting, since all files have simple numeric names
# do not run this anywhere else than INSIDE your tiles directory
# run it like this: find . -name "*.png" -exec ./ {} \;
tmp=${filename#*/} # remove to first /