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Simplified man page/usage instructions for Linux screen command

Starting or re-entering an already running session (Works regardless of whether the session was detached properly or the internet connection went kaput)

Command: screen -D -RR If multiple users are going to share the same machine and all want to use screen, then use screen -D -RR <screen-alias>

To start with screen will only have one screen.

To start a new screen keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+A, C

To get the list of active screens Ctrl+A, W

To switch to a screen Ctrl+A, <num> is the integer number of the screen that you wish to switch to.

To exit a screen exit or Ctrl+D

To detach from screen Ctrl+A, D (then again screen -D -RR to re attach)

To be able to scroll Ctrl+A, Esc then again Esc to go back to normal mode

To display the help Ctrl+A, ?

To end your screen session, kill(exit) each individual screen window. Ctrl+A k will kill a window. Or exit/Ctrl+D will also work (generally also much faster)

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