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Sample NetApp SolidFire iSCSI Backend JSON file for Trident, the Kubernetes dynamic storage provisioner
"version": 1,
"storageDriverName": "solidfire-san",
"Endpoint": "",
"SVIP": "",
"TenantName": "trident",
"InitiatorIFace": "default",
"Types": [{"Type": "Bronze", "Qos": {"minIOPS": 1000, "maxIOPS": 2000, "burstIOPS": 4000}},
{"Type": "Silver", "Qos": {"minIOPS": 4000, "maxIOPS": 6000, "burstIOPS": 8000}},
{"Type": "Gold", "Qos": {"minIOPS": 6000, "maxIOPS": 8000, "burstIOPS": 10000}}]
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