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Simple action rate limit module for Ruby on Rails, intended to be included in ApplicationController
# frozen_string_literal: true
module ActionRateLimit
user: proc { request.cookies['user_id'] },
ip: proc { request.remote_ip },
def self.included(klass)
klass.extend ClassMethods
module ClassMethods
# Creates rate limit rule on the action
# action - [symbol] the action in the controller to be limited
# limit - [int] max number of requests that can be accepted within period of time
# period - [int] number of seconds, can be defined as 1.hour. Can be between 10 seconds and 1 day
# limit_by - proc or one of {:user, :ip} - defines what value to group requests by. For login-only requests
# makes most sense to use `:user` and put this rule after requiring login
# Note: if `limit_by` will evaluate to `nil`, the rate limit check will be skipped
def rate_limit(action, limit:, period:, limit_by:)
limit_by = LIMIT_BY_OPTIONS[limit_by] || limit_by
raise ArgumentError, "id need to be proc or one of: #{LIMIT_BY_OPTIONS.keys.inspect}" unless limit_by.is_a?(Proc)
raise ArgumentError, "invalid period" unless (
raise ArgumentError, "invalid limit" if limit < 1
before_action only: action do
limit_by_value = instance_eval(&limit_by)
rate_limit_check!(action, limit, period, limit_by_value) if limit_by_value
def rate_limit_check!(action, limit, period, limit_by_value)
now_ts =
key = "rate_limit:#{}##{action}:#{limit_by_value}"
redis.zremrangebyscore(key, 0, now_ts - period)
return render status: :too_many_requests, plain: "rate limit reached" if redis.zcard(key) >= limit
redis.multi do |r|
r.zadd(key, now_ts, now_ts)
r.expire(key, period)
def redis
# implement with your own reference to redis client
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