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(custodian)60f81dc15d88:c7n ylv522$ git diff
diff --git a/c7n/ b/c7n/
index a24e1d6..e83fa32 100644
--- a/c7n/
+++ b/c7n/
@@ -289,11 +289,15 @@ class Tag(Action, ResourceTag):
batch_size ='batch_size', self.batch_size)
+ id_key = self.manager.get_model().id
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Metrics Filters
Supports cloud watch metrics filters on resources.
Docs on cloud watch metrics

Hosted Drone with commercial subscription

Automatic Discovery.. I don't have organization access to accept the integration, ie. No organization access granted, access requested.

Using the manual add with capitalone/cloud-custodian

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# Query values over instance population for a given tag key.
jp -f "ec2-instances.json" "[].Tags[?Key == 'downtime'].Value[]"
from botocore.credentials import RefreshableCredentials
from botocore.session import get_session
from boto3 import Session
def assumed_session(role_arn, session_name, session=None):
"""STS Role assume a boto3.Session
With automatic credential renewal.
set -e
echo "Create Project Directory"
mkdir -p project-dir/
echo "Create Lambda Function"
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Log output
The area below shows the logging calls in your code. These correspond to a single row within the CloudWatch log group corresponding to this Lambda function. Click here to view the CloudWatch log group.
START RequestId: 2644abca-b08d-11e5-a8cb-e1cccca020f0 Version: $LATEST
Unable to import module 'lambda_function': No module named lambda_function
END RequestId: 2644abca-b08d-11e5-a8cb-e1cccca020f0
REPORT RequestId: 2644abca-b08d-11e5-a8cb-e1cccca020f0 Duration: 72.41 ms Billed Duration: 100 ms Memory Size: 128 MB Max Memory Used: 8 MB
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import boto3
import pprint
import os
def main():
bucket = os.environ.get('BUCKET')
import csv
import pythonkc_meetups.client
from pythonkc_meetups import PythonKCMeetups
pythonkc_meetups.client.GROUP_URLNAME = "Ansible-NOVA"
m = PythonKCMeetups('API_KEY')
events = m.get_upcoming_events()
attendees = m.get_event_attendees(events[0].id)
with open('attendees.csv', 'w') as fh: