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Last active July 13, 2022 08:09
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Google Summer of Code ownCloud/Security App

My Project was intended to develop a security application including brute force protection, strong password enforcement, 404 detection and Multifactor authentication. In the scope of project,the owncloud/security and owncloud/twofactor_backup codes apps have been developed. Moreover, I have contributed to my owncloud/core and owncloud/twofactor_totp applications. I want to explain briefly, what I have done in each project:

Security app

Brute force protection and strong password enforcement features have been completed. 404 protection part feature still needs time to develop, because it requires some development on owncloud/core. Related commits of Security app can be seen from below:

Twofactor_backup_codes app

To enhance workflow of other second factor authentication apps, I have developed this application. Commits during in internship period can be seen from below:

Twofactor_totp app

By looking at the issues on the Github page, necessary improvements are made. Related commits:


Brute force attacks and 404 attempts have been made detectable by applications. These changes allowed the Security application to be an independent application. Also, some changes was made to strong password enforcement. Related commit can be seen from following links.

In conclusion, being a member of ownCloud was instructive and amazing experience for me. I need to thank both Thomas Müller and Peter Prochaska for mentoring me on this project. I hope that with the experience that I have achieved with Google Summer of Code, I will be able to help ownCloud with other projects as well.

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