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Last active Sep 2, 2022
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Helm introduction guide


Kubernetes package manager


➜ Render manifest of chart

helm template [CHART]

➜ Render manifest of existing release

helm get template [RELEASE]

➜ Print chart values (configuration)

helm show values [CHART]


➜ Manage repository

helm repo add <repo> <url>

helm repo list

➜ Search charts for a keyword from all the repositories configured

helm search repo [KEYWORD]

➜ Pull chart

helm pull --tar repository/webchart


➜ Login into registry

export HELM_EXPERIMENTAL_OCI=1 && helm registry login -u $USER -p $PASS [REGISTRY_URL]

➜ Pull chart

helm pull oci://[REGISTRY_CHART_URL] --untar --version [CHART_VERSION]


➜ Install package

helm install [RELEASE] [CHART]

➜ Upgrade package. It doesn't wait for deployments/pods to be running. Marks release as successful as soon as manifests applied.

helm upgrade [RELEASE] [CHART]

➜ Wait until helm resources are ready before marking the release successful.

helm upgrade [RELEASE] [CHART] --wait

helm rollback [RELEASE] [VERSION]

helm uninstall [RELEASE]

➜ Override chart values

helm install [CHART] -f values.yaml -f override.yaml

helm install [CHART] -f values.yaml --set foo=bar --set foo=baz


➜ List releases

helm list

➜ Show status

helm status [RELEASE]

➜ Show revision history

helm history [RELEASE]


➜ Download dependency into /charts

helm dependency build [chart]

Chart.lock ???

helm dependency update vs. build???

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