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karelbilek / actual-cwd.go
Created Mar 3, 2020
Get actual real working path in go (on Unix-like systems)
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package main
import (
// note that this probably does not work on windows, because of all the ../../..?
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#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <boost/algorithm/string/split.hpp>
#include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp>
class RPCDocExample {
std::string description;
std::string code;
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"abandontransaction": {
"group": "wallet",
"firstArguments": "\"txid\"",
"description": "Mark in-wallet transaction \u003ctxid\u003e as abandoned\nThis will mark this transaction and all its in-wallet descendants as abandoned which will allow\nfor their inputs to be respent. It can be used to replace \"stuck\" or evicted transactions.\nIt only works on transactions which are not included in a block and are not currently in the mempool.\nIt has no effect on transactions which are already abandoned.",
"tables": [
"name": "Arguments",
"lines": [
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--- /dev/fd/63 2018-10-04 08:22:17.000000000 +0900
+++ /dev/fd/62 2018-10-04 08:22:17.000000000 +0900
@@ -64,35 +64,6 @@
-name: estimatefee
-btcversion: 0.17.0
-btcgroup: util
-permalink: en/doc/0.17.0/rpc/util/estimatefee/
karelbilek /
Last active Oct 5, 2018
Proposal for unified Bitcoin Core RPC Doc format

Proposal for unified Bitcoin Core RPC Doc format

Name and arguments

Every RPC doc starts with a single line with a very simple usage example. The first word is the same as the command name. The example is exactly one line.


After the first line with the attributes, there is a general description of the command. It can be separated from the first line by newlines, but doesn't have to.

karelbilek / rawtx.hex
Created Jul 12, 2018
doge hex transaction with large value
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karelbilek / oem45.inf
Created Jul 7, 2018
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; (C) Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"
karelbilek /
Created Dec 11, 2017
Changes to the Chrome Apps Deprecation Schedule

Chrome App Owners,

You're receiving this email because you have at least one Chrome app published in the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Apps are currently scheduled to stop working on Windows, Mac & Linux in Q1 2018, as Chrome continues to focus on moving the open web forward.

The Chrome team is now working to enable Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to be installed on the desktop. Once this functionality ships (roughly targeting mid-2018), users will be able to install web apps to the desktop and launch them via icons and shortcuts; similar to the way that Chrome Apps can be installed today.

In order to enable a more seamless transition from Chrome Apps to the web,

karelbilek / test-suite.log
Created Oct 30, 2017
bitcoin gold test error log
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Bitcoin Gold 0.15.0: src/test-suite.log
# TOTAL: 1
# PASS: 0
# SKIP: 0
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL: 1
# XPASS: 0

Statistics of bitcoin input (script) lengths from august 2015 to august 2017-ish

I wanted to know, how long inputs are in bitcoin transactions.

The script is here. It is in node, and it is using bitcoinjs-lib libraries.

Complete results are here (just the final ones), sorted by counts.