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Last active May 31, 2018

What would you like to do?
21:56:45 From Ka:
21:58:11 From Pr: hey Karl - your are cutting off in between
21:58:45 From Pr: better
21:59:35 From wh: When book plz sir must learn
22:00:42 From wh: After Wall Street bonuses ?
22:01:02 From Jo: Too late. Chinese new year bonuses tho.
22:01:22 From wh: ^
22:04:01 From Pr: theres a button
22:04:05 From Pr: to raise hand
22:04:29 From Al: me next?
22:04:34 From Al: flight soon :)
22:04:38 From pe: Next?
22:04:41 From Ka: you next!
22:05:43 From Ke: I cant hear ap
22:06:18 From Ru: Not audible here
22:06:38 From Ka: look at the chat! pe next :P
22:06:59 From Pr: Me next?
22:09:18 From Al: sparse merkle trees seem really cool
22:10:12 From pe: Cryptoeconomics and chill
22:11:01 From wh: Anyone here in NY ?
22:12:27 From Do: scalability is high on my list
22:14:07 From Jo: #TeamKe
22:15:06 From Ma: let's hear Se!!!
22:15:07 From DM: :)
22:15:40 From xe: me
22:15:44 From Be: me
22:15:45 From Ch: me
22:15:47 From Se: yes
22:15:55 From Na: Yes
22:16:14 From Ma: it's perfect
22:16:16 From Pr: Simulation of networks
22:16:26 From Al: let’s make sure it isn’t only ETH based
22:19:52 From Ru: :))
22:22:24 From Ch: cool
22:22:49 From de: everything :-)
22:22:51 From Ma: I like the lectures
22:23:28 From Ru: Lectures work well added with practical worksheet
22:23:58 From No: All of it. Lectures are a good complement to the book. + practice would be awesome
22:24:08 From da: What are lectures?
22:25:52 From Ru: Practical worksheet means exercises on the models
22:26:32 From de: The lectures should put the information in the book in context (imho)
22:26:33 From Ma: For me, it'd be cool if the book had like really fundamental concepts, and the lectures sort-of elaborated on those or gave more practical examples
22:27:36 From Na: What do you think about provididing case studies to help make a bridge between knowledge and applications?
22:29:18 From Na: For example, discuss how blockchain projects are developing in the electric utility & smart grid space.
22:29:35 From pe: ^^ good idea
22:29:46 From Ru: Boom on!
22:33:14 From sp: I liked the lectures. It's hard to give an exact evaluation of them when only the first (most basic) topics have been discussed.
Even though it would be out of order, perhaps prioritize next a longer lecture from later in the course in order to demonstrate what those could look like -- to see if that is the most effective resource to spend time developing?
22:33:36 From Jo: can someone give me a link to the forum please
22:33:48 From ji:
22:33:56 From de:
22:34:04 From Jo: thanks!
22:34:23 From pe: Agenda based calls are usually good
22:34:56 From pe: Allows you to think about topics before you come into a call
22:35:23 From da: Haha that was a short agenda :D
22:36:41 From da: videoPad
22:37:05 From Pr: NEXT STEPS?
22:37:15 From Pr: Sorry - next Steps
22:37:21 From Ka: :)
22:37:25 From da: (Q) Rough timeline?
22:37:52 From Ru: Hi, please set a weekly timelines for regular calls
22:38:00 From Ka: +1
22:38:06 From de: Further research materials :-) BTW, I maintain this list and would love all of your help :-)
22:39:03 From Ru: Weekend?
22:39:05 From Pr: Its good
22:39:12 From ze: its good
22:39:18 From pe: Pls too late
22:39:30 From Ru: No here from india
22:39:34 From Ru: works well
22:40:01 From Ru: annoying :)))
22:41:19 From sp: To what extent will this coordinate with Vlad's CBC course?
22:42:25 From Ru: I'm up!
22:42:42 From da: What is Vlad’s CBC course?
22:42:48 From Pr: ^
22:43:25 From Pr: Is there any link to that?
22:43:53 From sp:
22:44:29 From sp: I'm interested
22:45:20 From sp: Yes it does. Thanks
22:45:45 From Jo: Need extra eyes + general editing?
22:45:52 From ji: always
22:46:31 From ze: lol
22:46:31 From Jo: @Jo on the forum :)
22:47:27 From Ma: what do. you think about PepeDapp?
22:47:38 From Ma: This being a sort-of common-denominator course, could we have some sort of list of reliable source material where we (or me, I guess) can get familiar with some of the concepts/topics that are too basic or fundamental to waste most people's time with?
22:48:51 From Ka: —
22:49:15 From de: Feel free to contribute :-)
22:49:52 From da: I think list curations usually get too long to really digest. Maybe a one constantly being revised like top 10 etc..?
22:50:17 From Mu: any one from the nyc area grab some coffee and work on this open source project?
22:50:22 From da: The awesome lists are usually really good because they have everything but because they have everything it also gets too much to really go through
22:50:26 From ji: ^ love this idea
22:50:34 From ji: @mu
22:50:43 From pe: ^^ We can section it off to different areas etc. cryptography, virtualisation etc.
22:50:52 From Ha: Im in nyc, would be down to meet some time
22:50:54 From Be: @da--maybe solution is curate a list for each chapter on that particular topic?? --> more digestible per chapter
22:50:56 From Ru: Not all economists @no
22:51:03 From Mu: lets make it happen @ji
22:51:04 From Ru: Me up for it!
22:51:08 From da: @be and @pe yeah those are great ideas!
22:51:33 From Na: I'm with Nomex.Hq
22:52:26 From No: awesome idea
22:52:52 From Pr: What are the next steps? :)
22:54:09 From Mu: yessssss @ka Meetup
22:54:27 From Mu: should we setup a group chat or something?
22:54:32 From da: Maybe a claim?
22:55:07 From DM: Maybe have a forum section called "contributions" where we can all contribute
22:55:09 From da: Issues and also claim a task for x time etc?
22:55:20 From Ma: Thanks!!
22:55:22 From Me: Thank you!
22:55:25 From No: thnx
22:55:29 From DM: Thank you! :)
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