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Created November 27, 2017 15:48
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Example LiveWhale module
// Save this file in /livewhale/client/modules/mymodule/ and login to LiveWhale to load the module for the first time.
'title'=>'My Module',
class LiveWhaleApplicationMyModule {
public function onFormsSubmission($id) {
global $_LW;
if ($id == 123) { // Replace this with the ID number for your LiveWhale form
// Pull values from fields, checking the form's HTML to get the field names
$field1 = strip_tags($_LW->_POST['lw_form_123_1234567890']);
$field2 = strip_tags($_LW->_POST['lw_form_123_1234567891']);
// etc.
// Put the rest of your script here, including any create() or update() actions based on your form.
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