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require 'fileutils'
require 'optimist'
require 'plist'
def run(path, source_path)
process(path, source_path, '**/*.app', true)
process(path, source_path, '**/*.dylib', false)
def process(path, source_path, search_pattern, is_app)
karlingen / FontAwesomeIcon.cs
Last active November 3, 2018 15:24
FontAwesome v5.5 icon class
public static class FontAwesomeIcon
public static string Ad = "f641";
public static string AddressBook = "f2b9";
public static string AddressCard = "f2bb";
public static string Adjust = "f042";
public static string AirFreshener = "f5d0";
public static string AlignCenter = "f037";
public static string AlignJustify = "f039";
public static string AlignLeft = "f036";
karlingen / GithubRedux.js
Created June 12, 2018 11:16
import { createReducer, createActions } from 'reduxsauce'
import Immutable from 'seamless-immutable'
/* ------------- Types and Action Creators ------------- */
const { Types, Creators } = createActions({
userRequest: ['username'],
userSuccess: ['avatar'],
userFailure: null
karlingen / switch_user.php
Last active April 23, 2021 15:17
SugarCRM user switching / login as another user
* Login as another user in SugarCRM and switch back to admin user
* Simply put this file into a custom entry point file and
* browse to it with the parameters 'user_name' or 'back_to_sudo'
* Usage:
* http://xxxxxxxxx/index.php?entryPoint=my_awesome_entry_point&user_name=mylittlepony
* http://xxxxxxxxx/index.php?entryPoint=my_awesome_entry_point&back_to_sudo=1
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<Subscription Teladdress="075-1621000" Type="Mob" TransactionType="NYAB" Updated=”20141105”
<OwnerData Id="5568466154" Type="org">
<Company>VIQ Sweden AB</Company>
<Address TelSite="yes">
# Working:
def create
@form =
respond_to do |format|
if @form.validate(params[:song]) do |data, nested|
format.html { redirect_to @form, notice: 'Song was successfully created.' }
format.json { render :show, status: :created, location: @form }
karlingen / gist:10274264
Created April 9, 2014 14:03
sugarcrm 7 apache conf virtualhost
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/sugarcrm7_error_log
DocumentRoot /home/karlingen/Desktop/public_html/sugarcrm7/
<Directory />
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride all
$permissions = ACLField::hasAccess($field, $module, $GLOBALS['current_user']->id, $is_owner);
switch ( $permissions ) {
case 0:
echo "No access to this field";
case 1:
echo "Read-only access to this field";
# Add Vagrant's NFS setup commands to sudoers, for `vagrant up` without a password
# Updated to work with Vagrant 1.3.x
# Stage updated sudoers in a temporary file for syntax checking
TMP=$(mktemp -t vagrant_sudoers)
cat /etc/sudoers > $TMP
cat >> $TMP <<EOF
# Allow passwordless startup of Vagrant when using NFS.
* I18N class for translating text to any language
* Uses YAML files
* Usage: I18N::t("") # => "Karl Metum"
* In the above example "name" is nested under "user"
* Make sure that the following constants are set in
* your configuration file: