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Created February 21, 2012 14:37
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sublime text 2 script to save to remove server
#variation of that adds creating new folders remotely.
import sublime_plugin, os
class RemoteEdit(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
def on_post_save(self, view):
remote = { "/Users/leto/work/project": ["/usr/bin/scp", None, "user@server", "root_remote_path_like ~/project/", None] }
for dirname, target in remote.iteritems():
if view.file_name().startswith( dirname ):
if self.copy_file(view, target, dirname) == 256:
path = target[3] + os.path.dirname(target[4])
create_target = "ssh %s '[ -d %s || mkdir -p %s ]'" % (target[2], path, path)
if os.system( create_target ) == 0:
self.copy_file(view, target, dirname)
def copy_file(self, view, target, dirname):
target[1] = view.file_name()
target[4] = view.file_name()[len(dirname):]
print "%s %s %s:%s%s" % tuple(target)
return os.system( "%s %s %s:%s%s" % tuple(target) )
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