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Make the AR Drone connect to a network
#telnet into the drone (telnet
#paste the following command:
killall udhcpd; iwconfig ath0 mode managed essid [ssid]; ifconfig ath0 [wanted ip] netmask up;
#ex. killall udhcpd; iwconfig ath0 mode managed essid Roflcopter; ifconfig ath0 netmask up;

karlwestin commented Nov 12, 2012

please note this only works with open networks, for WPA-networks, you'll probably need to install WPA Supplicant (more info here

this worked for me only when i changed "mode managed" to "mode ad-hoc"

my ad-hoc network was created on a windows PC with Connectify

chrizbo commented Aug 1, 2014

Is there a way to set it back to hotspot mode? I'm going to try it out soon, but wanted to be able to set it back if someone else wants the drone...

chrizbo, you just need to unplug the battery and the ardrone will set the default values. To connect to the access point you have to do what karlwestin mentioned each time you start the ardrone, so I recommend to create a script to not have to copy the line each time.

chrizbo commented Aug 6, 2014

Excellent, thanks!

Will this make the drone automatically reconnect after loosing & getting signal again?

I connected to the drone's wifi, used telnet and the above code, how can i confirm that the drone is connected to the new wifi?


karlwestin commented Oct 8, 2014

What's not really clear here is that
a) you need to confirm that IP you want is available
b) to check the drone after doing this wait 30 sec-1min then connect to the wifi you wanted to use,
and try telnet [your-ip-of-choice]
If you find smth there, it might be your drone (especially if it lets you in)
I don't have a drone here so i cant tell you exactly what youll find,
i can try to do that next week.

Also, to make the drone a hotspot again, like @miguelolivaresmendez says, just unplug the battery and set it in again.

(Sorry y'all didnt see comments on this gist until now)

yteo006 commented Feb 17, 2016

hi, I have some question about the technical issue. I have home router access point with password protected, and I have two drones, would like to connect them to my home router access point. may I know whether there is any way to do it since the router is password protected? are the links/info able to do the trick? I need some assist, thanks

joabo commented Jun 7, 2017

Hey @yteo006, I realise this is an old post... However as I too was searching for a similar thing, you might find these precompiled scripts that add WPA2 support to be of some use too...


Cheers :)

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