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defmodule NewRelic.Plug.Absinthe do
@moduledoc """
A plug that instruments Phoenix controllers and records their response times in New Relic.
Inside an instrumented controller's actions, `conn` can be used for further instrumentation with
`NewRelic.Plug.Instrumentation` and `NewRelic.Plug.Repo`.
defmodule MyApp.UsersController do
use Phoenix.Controller
View schedule_store.js.jsx
var ScheduleStore = Reflux.createStore({
return this._schedule;
this._schedule = schedule;

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am karmajunkie on github.
  • I am karmajunkie ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is EC67 CF80 F69A A0F6 4495 ABF5 AD08 F721 9592 3238

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View event_source_proof.rb
require_relative "../proofs_init.rb"
class ReplayTest
include Replay::EventSource
class ReplayTest
include Replay::EventSource
events do
SomeEvent(pid: Integer)
View replay_test.rb
class ReplayTest
include Replay::EventSource
#define an event inline to the class
event SomethingHappened(name: String, pid: Integer)
apply SomethingHappened do |event|
@name =
@pid =
View blocktalk.js
Blocktalk = {
Index: {
//with init function: Blocktalk.Index.init();
init: function(){
//called directly: Blocktalk.Show()
Show: function(){
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...And proceeds to sell me 30 tickets to paintball.

No, seriously. That really happened. I was getting my haircut at Roosters last night and a guy walks in selling discounted tickets to Stunt Ranch Paintball. So of course I said "I'll take 30", because I have at least that many people I want to shoot, right?

So now I have to figure out how to get 30 people into playing paintball with me. The tickets don't expire, and they include everything except the paint and CO2. I'm not an avid paintballer, but that sounds like a decent deal to me, since I got them for $2 apiece.

I'm thinking a geeky paintball extravaganza sometime in the near future. Maybe a geek father/son thing, maybe we all dress up like Rebels and Stormtroopers. I dunno, I'm open to suggestions.

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Watching Jack Danger's GoGaRuCo presentation the following analogy came to mind.

/lib is the asshole of your Rails application. Its fine (and desirable) for stuff to pass through there. But if you don't poop it out into nicely formed little turds we call gems eventually, your application is going to become constipated. Then you get stomachaches.

Don't constipate your app. Eat lots of roughage.

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One of the few problems I have with Janus, the vim settings bundle/plugin/whatever you want to call it, is that whenever I change to the vim window it refreshes the NERDTree. My project has a ton of files in it (like really, a ridiculous amount) so that refresh takes tens of seconds sometimes. Thanks to Tim Tyrrell's (@timtyrrell) tip on twitter after I bitched about it, I found the offending lines in Janus's NERDTree plugin:

augroup AuNERDTreeCmd
autocmd AuNERDTreeCmd VimEnter * call s:CdIfDirectory(expand("<amatch>"))
autocmd AuNERDTreeCmd FocusGained * call s:UpdateNERDTree()

By adding the following line to your ~/.vimrc.after or ~/.gvimrc.after you can punt on the autocommands from Janus (I don't care about either of them)

:autocmd! AuNERDTreeCmd