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@karok karok/Original Widget Secret
Created Jul 18, 2013

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Tripadvisor Widget
<div id="addTripAdvBox"></div>
<!-- Facebook später laden -->
window.onload = function(){
var wait = 3000; // 3s
var btn = document.getElementById('addTripAdvBox');
var add = document.createElement('div');
add.innerHTML = '<div id="TA_excellent413 tripadvisorexcellent" class="TA_excellent"><ul id="g9UbZ3Xo9OPh" class="TA_links Mm0jwWB"><li id="sFM5jWI" class="LxMwKPup89"><a target="_blank" href="">GoodFeeling Hostel</a> rated "excellent" by travellers</li></ul></div>';
document.write('<script src=";uniq=413&amp;lang=en_UK&amp;locationId=1154914"></script>');
}, wait);
<div id="TA_excellent800" class="TA_excellent">
<ul id="o5BkEWe" class="TA_links 7A1DG6va2TI">
<li id="mzMNxezVw" class="1NENmnn01hn"><a target="_blank" href=>GoodFeeling Hostel</a> rated "excellent" by travelers</li>
<script src=";uniq=800&amp;locationId=1154914&amp;lang=en_US"></script>
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