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Accelerometer test code
// Accelerometer (ADXL335) test
// Kevin Karplus
// 29 June 2011
void setup()
analogReference(EXTERNAL); // essential if you are going to connect to AREF
// I used wires to connect the breakout board to
// three analong inputs, 3.3v, and ground.
// I also connected the AREF input of the Arduino to 3.3v
const int Xpin=2;
const int Ypin=1;
const int Zpin=0;
const int num_to_sum=1000;
const float xscale = 0.0098/num_to_sum;
const float yscale = 0.0097/num_to_sum;
const float zscale = 0.0099/num_to_sum;
const int zero_x = 500;
const int zero_y = 506;
const int zero_z = 511;
long xsum,ysum,zsum;
void loop()
unsigned long startTime=millis();
xsum = ysum = zsum = 0;
for (int i=num_to_sum; i>0; i--)
xsum += analogRead(Xpin) -zero_x;
ysum += analogRead(Ypin) -zero_y;
zsum += analogRead(Zpin) -zero_z;
float x=xscale*xsum;
float y=yscale*ysum;
float z=zscale*zsum;
Serial.print(" X=");
Serial.print(" Y=");
Serial.print(" Z=");
Serial.print(" total=");
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