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How to make large requests to the ecoengine

Here are two ways to combine data from large requests to ecoengine

Method 1 (trivial)

# A trivial way to combine results from a paginated request
pinus <- ee_observations(scientific_name = "Pinus")
pinus2 <- ee_observations(scientific_name = "Pinus", page = 2)
all_pinus_data <- ee_cbind(list(pinus, pinus2))

Method 2 (more efficient)

pinus <- ee_observations(scientific_name = "Pinus")
total_pages <- ee_pages(pinus)
grouped_pages <- split(1:total_pages, ceiling(1:total_pages/50))
# This splits the query into 39 groups, 50 pages per groups
# You can control this by changing 50 to a larger number.

# This call below will retrieve 1250 (50 pages, 25 results/page) results.
all_data <- llply(grouped_pages[1], function(x) {
	ee_observations(scientific_name = "Pinus", page = x, progress = FALSE, quiet = TRUE)
}, .progress = "text")

all_pinus_data <- ee_cbind(all_data)
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