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Usage of partials
This is an example of functools.partials
Typical usage is when you have a function that needs multiple parameters,
of which one is a constant, you can use a partial.
Return only the values in an iterable which match the regex 'c.t' where . is a single character.
['cat', 'cut', 'abc', 'def']
['cat', 'cut']
import re
import functools
def re_match(pattern, val):
return True if re.match(pattern, val) else False
def match_filter(arr, pattern):
if not arr:
return None
re_match_partial = functools.partial(re_match, pattern)
x = filter(re_match_partial, arr)
print x
match_filter(['cat', 'cut', 'abc', 'def'], 'c.t')
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