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Last active Oct 13, 2015
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A Python program to estimate the time taken to type a word.
Title :WordTime
Description :A Python program to estimate the time taken to type a word.
Author :Karthikeyan KC
Date :13-10-2015
Version :0.2
Usage :python
Python Version :2.7.8
import Tkinter
import time
key_watcher = Tkinter.Tk()
#compare word input
word_compare_label = Tkinter.Label(key_watcher, text="Type the word that you want to test")
word_compare_entry_box = Tkinter.Entry(key_watcher)
#type word input
word_type_label = Tkinter.Label(key_watcher, text="Repeat the word in your normal typing speed to calculate the time")
word_type_entry_box = Tkinter.Entry(key_watcher)
def pressed(keyevent):
#compare word parameters
compare_word = word_compare_entry_box.get()
compare_word_size = len(compare_word)
compare_word_list = tuple(compare_word)
compare_word_first_letter = str(compare_word_list[0])
compare_word_last_letter = str(compare_word_list[-1])
#type word parameters
type_word = word_type_entry_box.get()
type_word_size = len(type_word)
if type_word_size > 0:
type_word_list = tuple(type_word)
type_word_first_letter = str(type_word_list[0])
type_word_last_letter = str(type_word_list[-1])
if compare_word_size == 1 and type_word_size == 1:
#Even though you measure time, it is insignificant! Also, it returns 0...
print "It's just one letter... You at least need a two letter word to calculate the time!"
if type_word_size == 1 and compare_word_size > 1 and compare_word_first_letter == keyevent.char:
global start
start = time.time()
if type_word_size == compare_word_size and type_word_size != 1:
print "Match"
if compare_word_last_letter == type_word_last_letter:
stop = time.time()
total_time = stop-start
if compare_word == type_word:
print "You took " + str(float(total_time)) + " seconds to type the word " + str(compare_word) + "."
print "You took " + str(float(total_time)) + " seconds to type the word that was similar to " + str(compare_word) + "."
print "Though the words are of the same size, it doesn't appear that the two words match! Retry again for accurate results..."
word_type_entry_box.bind('<KeyRelease>', pressed)
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