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GSS1 segment tree node
struct SegmentTreeNode {
int prefixMaxSum, suffixMaxSum, maxSum, sum;
void assignLeaf(int value) {
prefixMaxSum = suffixMaxSum = maxSum = sum = value;
void merge(SegmentTreeNode& left, SegmentTreeNode& right) {
sum = left.sum + right.sum;
prefixMaxSum = max(left.prefixMaxSum, left.sum + right.prefixMaxSum);
suffixMaxSum = max(right.suffixMaxSum, right.sum + left.suffixMaxSum);
maxSum = max(prefixMaxSum, max(suffixMaxSum, max(left.maxSum, max(right.maxSum, left.suffixMaxSum + right.prefixMaxSum))));
int getValue() {
return maxSum;
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