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Last active May 13, 2022 23:50
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Kava EVM Alpha Upgrade 3 Data Directory Replacement

Theese instructions are to replace the data directory on pruning nodes that had corrupted dbs.


  • ~150GB of available space


  1. Make backup of priv_validator_state.json
cp ~/.kava/data/priv_validator_state.json ~/priv_validator_state.json.bak
  1. Shutdown kava process and install updated version
sudo systemctl stop kava
cd ~/kava
git fetch && git checkout v0.17.0-testnet.1
make install
  1. Remove old data directory
cd ~/.kava
rm -rf data/
  1. Download backup
  1. Inflate backup (this takes a while)
tar -xvzf kava-evm-alpha-block-882600.tar.gz
  1. Restart kava process
sudo systemctl restart kava
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