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GeoDatabases - a discussion


What is a GeoDatabase? and how is it diff from a regular db

  • Stores geometries
  • multi-dimensional
  • R-Tree indexing (Query planner uses it?)
  • projections
  • Supports Datums ?
  • Vector and raster support
  • Spatial Analayis (topo, buffer, intersection, etc)

Options for storing geodata

Open Source

  • PostGIS

  • GeoCouch

  • Spatialite (in production?)

  • MongoDB ...

  • Ingres

  • Neo4j

  • MySQL :-(

  • Solr - basic points?

  • Elastic Search


  • Oracle
  • MS SqlServer
  • Esri Spatial database (only access?)

Cloud based

  • Fusion tables
  • SimpleGeo (Casandra) Quad-Tree
  • MongoDB - Geodata not shardable?

Concerns in Distributed databases

  • aggrigating distributed datasets
  • standard for simple queries?
  • geo indexing and sharding

What are folks using and why

  • Mobile

    • Spatialite
    • Tile Map Service (TMS)
    • TileMill to create Sqlite index
  • Web

  • Desktop

What are the advantages and disadvantages

What do you find

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