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sunxi H3 enable UART3

#simple step for enable UART3 H3 allwinner sunxi
download suite sunxi:
git clone
convert /boot/script.bin in .fex ascii file for editing:
./bin2fex /boot/script.bin ~script.fex
edit "vim script.fex" and change config uart0(disable) and uart3(enable)

uart_used = 0
uart_port = 0
uart_type = 2
uart_tx = port:PA04<2><1>
uart_rx = port:PA05<2><1>

uart_used = 0
uart_port = 1
uart_type = 4
uart_tx = port:PG06<2><1>
uart_rx = port:PG07<2><1>
uart_rts = port:PG08<2><1>
uart_cts = port:PG09<2><1>

uart_used = 0
uart_port = 2
uart_type = 4
uart_tx = port:PA00<2><1>
uart_rx = port:PA01<2><1>
uart_rts = port:PA02<2><1>
uart_cts = port:PA03<2><1>

uart_used = 1
uart_port = 3
uart_type = 4
uart_tx = port:PA13<2><1>
uart_rx = port:PA14<2><1>
uart_rts = port:PA15<3><1>
uart_cts = port:PA16<3><1>

convert .fex in .bin
./fex2bin ~script.fex ~script.bin cd /boot/

if script.bin is an symbolic link of bin/orangepione.bin or other release, do:

rm script.bin

in case is an file do:

mv script.bin script.bin.orig cp ~script.bin /boot/

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